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emerging and re:surfacing

i'm discovering and experiencing so much, while 'scuba diving' the emerging church. these are exciting times... and i have so much i'd like to share on what i see... and i've got so many ideas on ways to unleash new forms of church and how to fashion aquatic structures needed to support them... but i'm still waiting for opportunites for real input (among my own tribes and modern structures), in order to explore new and 'con-structive' paths seeking birth from the 'de-constructive' work that emergent scouts have done.

there is so much happening, under radar, off deck, out of the speedboat, and sub:merging into god's vast ocean.

still, for the past three years, all my emerging church speaking and teaching has been done at non-episcopal and non lutheran seminaries and events.

i wish i had outlets in my own denominations to help chart new 'sub:merge capable' routes, but non engagement with, and lack of awareness of, the postmodern shift (and our 'fear of waves') keeps us pouring resources into 'new' configurations, but with the same (modern) ethos at work... a modern ethos, which can't birth the new aquatic structures needed by the emerging church.

so we continue on... creating 'new' life preservers, reparing and patching worn dykes, for fear of opening the flood gates for emergent subs to dive in.

emerging leaders are 'out there,' waving their hands in the air, shooting off flares, and splashing in the water! so when will the motherships notice our presence, send us some supplies, invite us on deck, value our scouting, harness our energy, and ask us to report on what we are seeing (so the cruise ship can truly re-tool and begin to build smaller, quicker 'submersibles' capable of navigating the new altantis.

emergent subs and divers also need space and opportunities to surface sometimes... i'd like to surface and re:board my own tribes mothership/decks. i continue to look for chances and invites to speak and to 'give my report', but, until our tribal decks purposefully open spaces where their own scouts can surface..., like water, we will migrate to where there are openings, and surface where there is space.

so i'll be on surfacing, and on deck to do some scout reporting in 2004 : at the calvin january symposium (grand rapids), at the north american academy of liturgy (nyc), doing some emergent 'post-lectures' at fuller seminary (pasadena), and at a 'fast-track' seminar at the emergent convention (san diego)

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o luther, where art thou? : opening pores or punching holes?

long time no post. no posts means i am burdened... with good burdens, and with depleting, bewildering ones.

the 'good burden' is that apostles is opening a new storefront non-profit business in our beloved fremont neighborhood in seattle... all the work, painting, set up... all the craziness trying to work towards a 'grand opening' on nov 20 for our godly 'business' of running a community netlouge and tea bar.

apostles (the church) is already meeting in the storefront for worship. we only have one week left to name the storefront tea bar (so business cards and signs can be made).

the depleting and bewildeing burden is trying to open some small pores of change within modern 'reformation' claiming systems.

recently, a few emerging lutherans were able to gather in boston (mostly gen x and y leaders). no tote bags. no t-shirts. no funding from church structures. no seats on the blue ribbon panel. just a few scattered voices, in a lutheran church basement, dreaming of liquid futures, to re-irrigate solid soil.

where are you?
luther, who welcomed a holy rain and new vision of church, centered on liquid (baptismal) grace. luther, who insisted that structures be made fluid (in service to the gospel). luther, who forged new pathways not 'covered' in 'manuals' or aided by 'phone book sized' rules.

so there he stood

pore opener (hole puncher)
off map (off manual)
passionate ('angry')
sub:merged (underground)
prophetic voice (ghost in the machine)
liquid (messy and chaotic)
different priorities (does not meet expectations)
fluid (resistant to overlays)
free range ('anti-institutional')
god focused (system disloyal)
stream cleaner (problem priest)
emergent scout (cruise-ship pirate)

luther. the original 'wittenblogger'. liquid church rebel. ever honored by your church (as long as your system critiquing postings and wave-making ideas stay on the movie screen).

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digital storytellers by len wilson and jason moore: at last, a book to save the world from the "modernist use of powerpoint in worship hell." if you want to torpedo boring ppt. bulleted sermon points from a modernist pastor who thinks he or she is now hip because he or she is using technology, read this book! better yet, buy the book and send it to the modernist pastor and do his/her congregation a big favor. read digital storytellers

gen x religion, ed by richard w. flory & donald e. miller, provides an accurate "npr like" documentation of religion, as actually practiced by xers, and even reflects theologically on xer subsets (like the goths) and on the phenomenon of piercing among us.
and, unlike many other xer books (filled with clever quips by boomers about xers), this book was written by serious sociologists of religion (many of them xers) who actually researched and studied churches founded by and for xers. amazing and authentic...
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